Pinterest Challenge Progress

I've been working hard at trying to accomplish a few creative tasks inspired by Pinterest. Thanks to my friend Val, I've been getting several things done. I realized, however, that most of my creative tasks lately have been related to things I've seen on Pinterest, anyways. I've been cooking recipes from my recipe boards, pinning shower decorations that are in the works, and my bedroom redo (that will probably not be finished in a year!!!) has lots of projects related to my inspiration board. MY problem is that I don't take my camera out and take pictures of the projects that I do. I didn't do much better this time around, but I do have some after shots and the links to the inspiration tutorials for you. :) So... here's where I'm at with the six projects I wanted to complete:

1. Harry Potter inspired Lightning Bolt toddler shirt for Little d.

Yet to be started...

2. Apple Pie Caramel Apple for friends :)

On Friday night, four friends came over and helped me make these gorgeous, yummy apple treats. About ten minutes into the process, I realized that making 50 caramel apples dipped in white chocolate was a much larger task than we could complete in two hours. But, we plowed ahead and started washing wax off, dipping in melty caramel, and then letting them sit in the fridge for about an hour before dipping them in chocolate and letting them set up some more in the fridge! My friends helped as long as they could (one had an allergic reaction to the apples, one had children to get to bed, another needed to pack for a trip, and one lasted until after 10pm) and I ended up finishing them at about 11:30 that night. So, just a fair warning: 50 apple pie caramel apples take about five and a half hours to complete. So glad that I have willing friends to come and help make them for our gifts this month at LOVE WINS!

3. Felt Leaf Garland for fallish decor.

This was my first project that was complete! It is hung in our main bath, where we have a colorful child-friendly shower curtain with lots of pockets for lotions, soap, toys, diaper creme, and other necessary baby hygiene products. :) I LOVE it! It is perfect with that shower curtain. I may just leave it up all year!

4. Freezer Stenciled word pillows for the couch or bedroom. Yet to begin. I don't know why I can't bite the bullet and get these things started!!! I have been wanting to make pillows with text embellishments for a LONG time!

5. Black and White Wreath.

When I saw this picture for the first time, I knew that I had the perfect fabric in my stash already. It is black and white with an almost terry cloth texture. SO lovely to tough and look at! I loved the black and white floral with a pop of bright color, but I could not get the idea of using orange with it for fall out of my mind. So, I followed the tutorial you can find by following the link above and I was finished in about 45 minutes. DONE!!!! and hung up! I decided to incorporate a little picture of my Little d into the wreath nook. I think it looks WAY cute!

6. Mercury Glass Lamp DIY SO want to do this for my bedroom.

For this project, I have yet to find the perfect lamps at thrift stores. I've had very little time to actually go to thrift stores lately, but I need to get to more than one to actually make a valiant effort in my search. I also need to reread the tutorial to see if it should be wood, brass, or something else for the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint. By the way, have you ever priced that stuff???? It is kind of expensive. $7 for a small spray can!!! Definitely going to need a handy dandy Hobby Lobby coupon for that one!

So, that's where I'm at. I have some other projects in the works for an upcoming baby shower for Baby P! Who knows if I will take pictures and share the results. It seems that the sharing is really only occurring once in a blue moon here on my blog! Thanks for inspiring me to be creative and share the results, Val!


Valerie said...

These all look great! I am impressed with your commitment to finishing the apples. :) So glad you completed some projects... and I am confident you can get the rest of them (and maybe we'll do some curtains???) done next month! :)

Stacia said...

Finally catching up on comments, your projects look amazing. I can't believe you made 50 caramel apples:) And you should totally do those pillows, they won't take that long!