30 goals in the year of 30

1. Visit a state I've never been to
2. Watch five musicals I have not seen
3. Go to an apple orchard
4. Take a photography or decorating class
5. Find a great picture of my mother to frame
6. Make a scrapbook for profit
7. Make 20 cards to sell
8. Reach a happy weight: no specific # but something I am content with
9. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center
10. Organize my kitchen cabinets
11. Read Girl Meets God, Your Baby's First Year Week by Week, and Cross-Cultural Servanthood (and others if there is time. :)
12. Remember all of my family member's birthdays
13. Go out of state to a football game with Donnie and friends
14. Bake my own cheesecake (my friend Renee R. has a great easy recipe!)
15. Learn how to embroider with my new sewing machine
16. Walk with friends twice a week
17. Do something that scares me
18. Start a play group
19. Get the outside of my house painted, with new shutters
20. Enjoy a picnic in a rose garden
21. Antique furniture purchase???
22. Learn how to make homemade baby food
23. Water my outside plants regularly
24. Go to three musical performances
25. Read two books a month
26. Go to the Rosedale Arch in Kansas City
27. Sew a tree skirt for my Christmas tree
28. Make handmade baby gifts
29. Let my fingernails grow out without biting them for three months (trimming of course)
30. Pray for my husband daily