I LOVE hearing the rain

I could
listen to the rain
for hours.

I could
walk in it
with bare feet
but, I think I would
take an

I love
You know those
rubber boots
that some people call
I'd like to have
a pair with
polka dots. :)

My favorite things
to do when it rains
are read

My First Sewing Lesson

On Thursday evening, I sat down in front of a sewing machine for a lesson. It's been 17 years since junior high home ec. My friend, Judy let me help a bit this summer with costume tasks for the musical, and one night she asked if I wanted to help overcast a seam on a skirt. I was WAY intimidated, but I tried. Stupid idea! I kept messing up the thread and getting all kinds of knots and running off the fabric. Urgh!
On Thursday, Judy and I decided that I should just start out by sewing some basic seams on some fabric that had no purpose. First she sat me in front of the machine and showed me how to thread it and what each of the parts did. Then I had to thread it myself. (She's a great teacher.) When I actually started, I had trouble with figuring out how to hold the threads while keeping the fabric flat and straight, guiding the edge, and keeping it straight. LOTS of multitasking in sewing! What I came to realize throughout the evening is that my trouble was with trying too hard to force the fabric through. I was trying to make the machine do the job that it was accomplishing all by itself.
Do you ever do this with your life? I sure do. All too often, I try to force things to happen. A death grip complete with white knuckles and all. I push that fabric through and what do you know? it gets wrinkled and all bunched up... Knots appear and string comes from places that I know they shouldn't. Why do I do this? Why do I make a mess of things by trying to control them? Why can't I give up control?
On the other side of the coin, there are many things that I don't control that I really should... Like what I eat. Will I ever get this balance thing figured out?


Labor Day with the Sass Family

Today, Donnie and I were fortunate to be able to spend several hours with the Sass family. We met them through the musical this summer. Valerie and I were Pick-a-Little ladies together and Judy was in charge of costumes. All of the members of this family are so giving and loving. We started the day in a car ride to the lake. I rode with Dale and Judy (the parents). It was fun to chat and get to know them a bit more .
Then we went to the lake and hopped in their boat. We had an awesome lunch together sitting in the middle of the lake. Next it was time for tubing. Donnie and Zach went first. It was so fun to watch them hang on for dear life while Dale steered them around and kept speeding up. I think they fell off like three times! Then Valerie and I went out. Dale definitely took it easier on us. I liked zooming back and forth across the wake. Valerie fell off twice, but I actually managed to hold on both times! Then Donnie came out with me. We went quite a bit faster with him on the tube. Again, a whole lot of fun and I never went for a dive... until I was trying to climb back in the boat and my husband dunked me! After tubing, Donnie skied for a bit, followed by Zach and Valerie wake boarding. Dale slalomed and Donnie tried to wake board, but ended up skiing some more.
When we got back to Gardner, we all washed up and had a FABULOUS dinner! All homemade: steak, potatoes, bread, salad, sweet corn, peach ice cream and sugar free strawberry ice cream, and apple pie! Needless to say we are SO full.
It was a wonderful day filled with AMAZINGLY giving people. Thanks, Sass family, for an amazing day!