Our Life the Money Pit...

So within the last several weeks, we've had several household items that have gone in the crapper. Can you sense my frustration just a bit? Right now we are living on less money than we are used to due to some choices of our own and some not. Our savings account is okay. These types of things are the reasons that we put aside money... Well that and to pay for things like our retirement and our son's education. The current monthly savings plan is to pay for another degree. (I think in our house, there will always be school bills looming.) Well, this month, no savings are to be put aside for that purpose. Nope. Instead all of those savings and some other emergency reserve funds are going to replacement costs for things that don't last as long as you wish they did...
Thank you hot water heater, washing machine, tires for the Corolla, and garbage disposal. Thank you for quitting on us all at once and showing us that our best laid savings plans are definitely something to be thankful for, even if we aren't always able to use that savings for what we had intended.


A Shutterfly Merry Christmas

Hi Friends,

Have you ever used Shutterfly for picture printing? Well, this summer when we had the fabulous Amber Dawkins photograph our family we decided to purchase the rights to all of the pictures so that we could print as many as we wanted. When she handed us the CD of images, she recommended Shutterfly for their quality and affordability. I've uploaded all of our images and still need to decide on some enlargements for our walls.

Fast forward a few months to last weekend. My friend Valerie told me about the fabulous holiday collection of cards that Shutterfly has created for 2010. When I went browsing, I found so many different enticing options for our little family's Christmas card. I've picked my favorite image from our summer photo shoot and now I just need to pick out a fabulous backdrop for it from Shutterfly's amazing selection! I really like bright and cheery colors to go along with our bright and cheery little family.

How about this photo card with the bold black and colorful type? Wouldn't our family of three look SO cute above those fun filled words???

Here is another colorful beauty. This one has rainbow snowflakes!!! Now how could you go wrong with those?

But what if I can't make up my mind about which picture to actually use for sending holiday cheer to all of my loved ones? Well, here is a colorful option with space to show off up to seven photos of my choice. Take a peek at this photo card!

Now if you know me well, you know that all of those decisions aren't necessarily a good thing. It could take me days to figure out the finalized card!?!?! But, I think I've got it narrowed down to those three for this year! And the beautiful thing about all of this? Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 FREE Photo Cards of their choice! Wow! How wonderful is that?!? Merry Christmas to me from Shutterfly!


A Mom Professes Her LOVE for Her Son