HP Inspired T-shirt for Little D

So, I did it! I actually completed one of the other projects that I had intended to complete before Val's September 30th Pinterest Challenge deadline!!

I saw a picture of this cute little boy wearing a lightning bold t-shirt on Pinterest and thought... "Hmmm.... I think I could make Little D one of those and it could be his Harry Potter shirt!"

So I dug around in his thrifted fall clothes and found a couple of shirt options. I decided to go with the long sleeve burgundy one and use a mustard colored one (that is too small) for the lightning bolt. House colors of Griffindor, perfect!!!!
Both shirts had front pockets on them, so I decided to remove the pockets first, with my seam ripper. It wasn't really necessary to remove the pocket from the yellow shirt, but I decided it would make a cute embellishment on one of the sleeves.

Then I went to work making a lightning bolt with a straight edge and pen on the yellow shirt. Next I ironed freezer paper onto the reverse side before cutting out the shape and ironing it on. (Sorry no pics.)

I used a tight applique stitch with black thread to outline the shape. Finally, I pinned the little yellow pocket onto the right arm sleeve and used black embroidery floss to hand sew it on.

Here is my Little D sporting his new HP inspired lightning shirt!!! We went outside to play with sticks a.k.a. wands while we waited for my sister to come and babysit this morning.

I think I might just need my own HP lightning shirt!!! What do you think?

So there you go. Four out of six project ideas complete! Now if I could JUST find some thrifted lamps to make into fake mercury glass and get some pillows made!!!


Valerie said...

This is awesome... I want a HP shirt too! :)

Drake The Butler said...

Erin, he totally looks like Captain Marvel. :)