9 Years Ago Today

9 years ago today I got up early and went to get my hair styled with my friend, Kreisa. It was an updo, the kind with pinned curls and I had a white sequined tiara. Then Donnie's cousin, Brenda did my make-up at the church as all of the other girls were arriving.
At the same time, my fiance was in a hotel room with a bunch of guys after a long night of little sleep. He just couldn't sleep... only about 45 minutes the whole night. I never knew that until later... I couldn't tell that day.
I remember funny little moments like my aunts checking my blood sugar while I was in my pretty, white dress... my sisters helping to hold my dress up while I went to the bathroom... scuffing our shoes out on the pavement in the 100+ degree heat... the ring bearer not wanting to be in pictures because he was shy and when our coordinator asked him to give me a kiss which warmed him up to being in some shots.
The moments that I will never forget start when Donnie and I had a few minutes alone before pictures. It was just the two of us. When I saw him, I know I had the biggest smile on my face and that smile wasn't hard to keep on all day long. I didn't even have sore smile muscles after all of the pictures. When I walked down the aisle with my dad, I had a feeling I haven't had since. It was a little sadness mingled with anticipation and wonder. Looking out at ALL of the faces as we stood together on the platform is a snapshot that both of us keep in our memories. People we loved being there was the most important part of our wedding plan. We knew our marriage was would be impacted by people, not flowers, food, or decorations.
The wedding day was splendid and full of memories, but our marriage was the significant thing that started that day. Today I want to say thank you to Donnie. The man in my life that is strong, dedicated to God, his family and people. I appreciate the thoughful gestures and consistency in my life. I love you!

The Magic Instant

Paulo Coelho's The Magic Instant post includes these words:

Every day – together with the sun – God gives us a moment in which it is possible to change everything that makes us unhappy. Every day we try to pretend that we don’t realize that moment, that it doesn’t exist, that today is just the same as yesterday and will be the same as tomorrow. But if you pay attention, you can discover the magic instant. It may be hiding at the moment when we put the key in the door in the morning, in the silence right after dinner, in the thousand and one things that all seem the same to us. This moment exists – a moment when all the strength of the stars passes through us and lets us work miracles.


100 Things To Do In the Summer With Your Family

I got this list from the Studio Calico Blog. It is a scrapbooking blog for a scrapbook kit company. I wanted to remember this list of great thigns to do with your family in the summer! (Edited to fit KS.)
100 Things to do with your Kids this Summer by Joy Madison:

1. make Dixie cup popsicles
2. make a hopscotch game & play along with the kids
3. find summer constellations
4. make indoor s'mores
5. dress up like fancy ladies & gentlemen and have tea.
6. Make bubbles
7. Blow bubbles
8. go camping
9. make up a musical & perform for the neighbors
10. walk to DQ, McD's, or Basikin Robbins for a cone
11. make a weather chart & chart the weather for a month, graph the results
12. string up a laundry line & everyone helps put out the laundry
13. grow a sustainable container garden
14. make a chalk masterpiece for your neighborhood to enjoy
15. find a pen pal family & write to them weekly
16. make cards for hereos
17. go to an assisted care facility & visit with the residents
18. set up the sprinkler and EVERYBODY play
19. go to the park & do a photo scavenger hunt
20. scrapbook your scavenger hunt photos...get the kids involved with the page.
21. make butter by hand, make muffins to spread it on, enjoy!
22. buy some binoculars & hunt for local birds
23. pick strawberries, freeze the leftovers for smoothies
24. make sun prints
25. make clackers for your bikes
26. ride yours bikes around the neighborhood, gather your friends and have a parade
27. set up a lemonade stand
28. make daisy chain jewelry
29. take books to the park & have a restful afternoon
30. stay up late, make popcorn, & watch movies
31. take a picnic to the park
32. grow your own tomatoes in pots
33. go to your local farmer's market & make dinner ONLY with what you find there.
34. take art supplies into the yard & paint each others portraits...outside=easy clean up
35. find out when your local art museum is free...and go
36. take a picnic to to daddy's or mommy's work....eat there
37. take the train somwhere JUST FOR FUN
38. if you don't live near water, make a beach in the backyard
39. put on a luau
40. find a water play park
41. make virgin daquari's for the whole family....include umbrellas
42. make homemade ice cream (even without an ice cream maker)
43. walk to the library...bring a wagon to haul books!
44. make a fort in the living room & let the kids sleep there
45. organize a block party
46. pick a topic to learn more about AS A FAMILY...go learn about it
47. pop your tent in the backyard, or if its a nice night, just set up the sleeping bags.
48. take a roadtrip to a close-ish place you've never been before.
49. let the kids map out a trip, mom & dad NO CHEATING
50. eat dinner backwards
51. find a new family hobby
52. let the kids make dinner
53. go to a drive-in theater
54. research geo caching & go do it
55. pick blueberries! they are easy, fun and DELICIOUS
56. volunteer at a soup kitchen
57. make pottery that dries in the sun.
58. make a bird bath
59. do a fashion show for daddy, complete with paparazzi
60. stay up till midnight on the summer solstice and celebrate the longest day of the year
61. make a ghetto slip & slide with lawn bags
62. light some sparklers & take photos writing with light (flashlight works too)
63. do a roadtrip scavenger hunt, give a prize for the first person to finish
64. go on a media fast & plan a week of tv/dvd/internet/iphone free activities
65. face paint each other with non-toxic tempera paint
66. pick a book series for the whole family to enjoy & read it every night this summer
67. take fast food and a blanket to a park...a picnic without all the prep work
68. learn to make boondoggles or bead animals
69. find & wear the biggest weirdest sunglassses you can
70. dress up like tourists & tour your OWN town
71. buy a baby pool and spend the afternoon cooling everyone off
72. pick a lazy day & watch all of the Lord of the Rings Triology OR Sponge Bob Seasons 1-7 on DVD
73. make an ice cream sundae bar....invite your friends to dessert
74. join your library's summer reading program
75. decorate flip flops
76. hang your flag for 4th of July (or Canada Day) and talk about what the flag means
77. drill some old pots, pans, and metal ware to a tree or trellis & let the kids bang away
78. challenge yourself: eat a raw meal
79. bicycle to the grocery as a family & only buy what fits in back packs
80. find a pool hook up
81. fly a kite
82. sit and watch airplanes take off & land at a local airport
83. buy a treat from the ice cream man, even if he's only driving a mini-van
84. decorate a family flag & fly it
85. visit a farm and see all the new baby farm animals
86. buy everyone big round lolly pops, TAKE PHOTOS
87. go to an amusement park
88. wash the car together (but only like once a summer, b/c it wastes a LOT of water!)
89. give the kids sketch books & go on a nature walk.
90. make a family newspaper, print it & send it to far flung family members
91. buy 4th of july shirts and take a family photo
92. make playdough
93. make gak
94. make a junkyard band with things around the house, SING TOGETHER
95. have a yard sale
96. go to a free concert in the park
97. take advantage of free movie AIR CONDITIONING! most theaters have free/cheap kids movies in the summer, see if yours does
98. when it rains...everyone go out and splash around
99. have the kids invent a board game....then play it


An Evening of Smiles

This past Saturday I stopped in at the two clubs and met several new faces at stop number one. Actually, it was crazy because I did not know a single person. I met a new bouncer, bartneder, and two ladies that I had not yet met. The gift for this month had not come together, so I punted the first option and went with a sweet treat instead--popcorn snack mix and some mini cans of pop. The bouncer/dj looked perplexed, but buzzed me in and I headed straight for the dressing room where I chatted for a bit with the ladies getting ready. I got the same question I usually do when meeting new people. "What is this for?" I explained that I am from a church in Gardner and that my husband is the pastor. I said that we decided a long time ago thatwe wanted to do something to show God's love in a different way than normal. I appreciated the smile on their faces. I told them about the cards with our information inside and let them know that truely, if they needed help with anything to let us know.
At stop number two, there were lots of familiar smiling faces as well. At the bar, lots of guys were interested in the snacks, but the ladies made sure to tell them that they weren't for them. I liked the fact that they were aware that they didn't have to share. :)


30 goals in the year of 30 Update

So far this year, I have touched on a handful of my goals.
2. Watch five musicals I have not seen.
I saw the movie versions of 42nd Street, Brigadoon, and Meet Me in St. Louis. Out of the three, I think Brigadoon was my favorite, even though it was based on a fantasy land. I LOVE Gene Kelly, too!
10. Organize my kitchen cabinets
Thanks to my mother-in-law and my sister, Molly, this got done not long after our little guy was born. Love the new Lazy Susan for spices, and the fact that we emptied enough for there to be almost a shole cabinet for baby stuff that is almost entirely filled already.
24. Go to three musical performances
Haven't seen any live yet, but this summer, plans are in the works to see 4! We're going to Starlight to see Snything Goes, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Mama Mia. The fourth will by Gardner Community Theatre's summer performance of Bye Bye Birdie! AND, I would really like to go see some of the summer shows at Theater in the Park; especially Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. SO excited about this summer!
28. Make handmade baby gifts
I've given 4 or 6 different handmade burp cloths to friends that were having babies. I used them to wrap a purchased gift in one case. It was a lot of fun, even if they weren't perfect!
29. Let my fingernails grow out without biting them for three months (trimming of course)
I think I made it a little more than 2 months after baby boy came home. Then I went back to work and my fingernails suffered! I couldn't keep them out of my mouth. It's disgustting, I know...
30. Pray for my husband daily
I was doing great at this at first. I am the type of person that needs some kind of visual reminder for this. NOte to self: put a note on my mirror so that I see it in the morning!


It's been forever! Have you seen this video???

Go down and turn my music player off first, of course.


30 goals in the year of 30

1. Visit a state I've never been to
2. Watch five musicals I have not seen
3. Go to an apple orchard
4. Take a photography or decorating class
5. Find a great picture of my mother to frame
6. Make a scrapbook for profit
7. Make 20 cards to sell
8. Reach a happy weight: no specific # but something I am content with
9. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center
10. Organize my kitchen cabinets
11. Read Girl Meets God, Your Baby's First Year Week by Week, and Cross-Cultural Servanthood (and others if there is time. :)
12. Remember all of my family member's birthdays
13. Go out of state to a football game with Donnie and friends
14. Bake my own cheesecake (my friend Renee R. has a great easy recipe!)
15. Learn how to embroider with my new sewing machine
16. Walk with friends twice a week
17. Do something that scares me
18. Start a play group
19. Get the outside of my house painted, with new shutters
20. Enjoy a picnic in a rose garden
21. Antique furniture purchase???
22. Learn how to make homemade baby food
23. Water my outside plants regularly
24. Go to three musical performances
25. Read two books a month
26. Go to the Rosedale Arch in Kansas City
27. Sew a tree skirt for my Christmas tree
28. Make handmade baby gifts
29. Let my fingernails grow out without biting them for three months (trimming of course)
30. Pray for my husband daily