Coincidences and Prayer

My husband likes to often repeat something he read from a professor some time ago: "A lot of coincidences seem to happen when we pray."

Last spring we were in Walmart after Donnie had been praying about getting involved in the community. A flyer for Gardner's Community Theater was in the cart. They were holding auditions for The Music Man. So, we look at each other and decide that it might be fun. At that point, Donnie was trying to figure out if this was what he had been praying about. So, Donnie goes in to audition and gets a call back. He gets the role of Harold Hill, which is the lead in the musical. I got to be in it, too - a Pick a Little Lady.
During rehearsals, we get to know a bunch of people--lots of people who live in the community or who drive in to be a part of the show. We hung out after rehearsals, go watch some other performances, and wouldn't you know it, people start noticing that Donnie is a bit different than a lot of pastors.
We did not directly invite people to church, however people asked about it. We had five different families visit our church after the musical. And there are some journeys beginning that you can read about on Donnie's blog.

Prayer and coincidences??? Yep! I think so!