30 goals in the year of 30 Update

So far this year, I have touched on a handful of my goals.
2. Watch five musicals I have not seen.
I saw the movie versions of 42nd Street, Brigadoon, and Meet Me in St. Louis. Out of the three, I think Brigadoon was my favorite, even though it was based on a fantasy land. I LOVE Gene Kelly, too!
10. Organize my kitchen cabinets
Thanks to my mother-in-law and my sister, Molly, this got done not long after our little guy was born. Love the new Lazy Susan for spices, and the fact that we emptied enough for there to be almost a shole cabinet for baby stuff that is almost entirely filled already.
24. Go to three musical performances
Haven't seen any live yet, but this summer, plans are in the works to see 4! We're going to Starlight to see Snything Goes, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Mama Mia. The fourth will by Gardner Community Theatre's summer performance of Bye Bye Birdie! AND, I would really like to go see some of the summer shows at Theater in the Park; especially Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. SO excited about this summer!
28. Make handmade baby gifts
I've given 4 or 6 different handmade burp cloths to friends that were having babies. I used them to wrap a purchased gift in one case. It was a lot of fun, even if they weren't perfect!
29. Let my fingernails grow out without biting them for three months (trimming of course)
I think I made it a little more than 2 months after baby boy came home. Then I went back to work and my fingernails suffered! I couldn't keep them out of my mouth. It's disgustting, I know...
30. Pray for my husband daily
I was doing great at this at first. I am the type of person that needs some kind of visual reminder for this. NOte to self: put a note on my mirror so that I see it in the morning!


It's been forever! Have you seen this video???

Go down and turn my music player off first, of course.