Creativity at Home

I really like to be creative, but most of the time, I have more ideas than I can handle. Then when you add Pinterest on top of all of that, my ideas tend to get really carried away. So, I thought I would make a list of things that I want to accomplish in my house. If I could tackle a third of this list this year, I would be ecstatic!

1. New light over the kitchen sink with a colander. This one was completed yesterday with the help of my sister-in-law, Margie! yay!
2. Curtains on a rod to replace disgusting vertical blinds on the sliding door in our kitchen (black and white)
3. Cafe curtain to compliment the new curtains on the sliding glass doors (black and white)
4. Recover kitchen chairs (black and white)
5. Fabric covered, tufted headboard in the master bedroom
6. Curtains for the master bedroom. I already have the rods and the fabric for this one.
7. Hang a mirror in the master bedroom. It is sitting in the garage waiting for a coat of paint.
8. Paint a dresser for the master bedroom. Also sitting in the garage waiting for a coat of paint.
9. Move the craft office downstairs ???
10. Repaint the front door (new door possibly?)

Big changes that need to happen listed by priority:
1. New roof - this is coming next week, and thanks to our wonderful insurance company, we only have to pay the deductible and a little more to get a better roof!
2. Replace the deck
3. Replace the carpet
4. New tile flooring in both bathrooms

Wishin' and Hopin'!
1. Slipcovers for the living room furniture
2. Built-ins for the living room around the fireplace
3. Paint the cabinets in the kitchen
4. New counter tops in the kitchen

So, we'll see what I can accomplish with a list already out there! Here's to creativity at home in 2012!