Someday 2

Do you ever daydream about places that you'd like to see? Maybe somewhere you've seen in a movie or possibly the country of your ancestry? Donnie and I like to take vacations. Some friends think that we're going to be world travelers all our lives. Just today someone said, "You're going to run out of places to go!" I don't think so. Especially since we'll probably stop venturing far away from home for quite awhile when we have children someday soon.

But, while I'm thinking about the subject of travel, I will daydream about visiting these breathtaking spots:

How about Austria? I've heard from friends that it is a GORGEOUS place! Not to mention you could sneak in and visit the VanTrapp family while you're there and maybe the sisters at the abbey! The hills are alive...

Ah Paris! We've been to this lovely city, but returning is going to be a lifelong goal. The architecture, baguettes and quiche, history, and parks are calling us back.

While we were in France, we spent a few days in the southern part of the country. Sadly, we did not make it down to the Mediterranean Coast. Maybe someday we'll get to see a view like this one of Nice or one of the other picturesque coastal cities.

Who wouldn't jump at the chance to go to Hawaii? I mean what is there not to like about beaches, fresh seafood, beautiful tropical scenery, and clear blue water? Sign me up! I've heard that the cost of a trip to Hawaii is about as much as Europe... Hmmm... Might have to wait on that one awhile.
The last stop on my list for today is Ireland. Growing up as Erin O'Toole has given me an appreciation for this land. No one in my family has been to this beautiful country of our heritage since my great great grandfather came here to the United States. This trip would be amazing!

Where will you go someday? What do you want to see or resee in the world?


Simple Quote

"Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate." _ J.R.R. Tolkien

I could use a little inspiration about the future. This summer, Donnie and I are heading into some unknown territory. The prospect of getting pregnant with help from a fertility doctor and his team of helpers is a HUGE leap of faith. A lot of things run through my head when I think about it... Ideas of creating a home for a new little one. Adding that precious new life to our family. Today, I'm choosing to think positively. A new road... A secret gate...


Someday 1

There are things that I think about a lot that I'd really like to accomplish, learn, grow into, and become better at. Have you ever made a list like this?

I've spent a lot of time lately looking at creative blogs. Blogs that have to do with things like scrapbooking, card making, and sewing. One of the reasons that I don't do AS MUCH scrapbooking etc. as I'd like is because of limited resources. I don't throw a TON of money at these hobbies. Enough, I guess, but not as much as I COULD. So one of the things that I want to get better at is crafting. I LOVE this page from one of my favorite bloggers. Susan Weinroth. I think part of the reasons is because I am now 29 and think it would be fun to make a page like this!

Sewing is something that I've always wanted to be good at, but never really taken the time to learn. My sister, Casey, is going to take a class this summer. Maybe if I see that it is doable for her, I will take the time to learn, too. She is the one with the sewing machine after all. This is a pillow that the same girl above, Susan, made for her baby's room. Isn't is soooo cute??? Her grandmother made a quilt with the same material. It is GORGEOUS!
Besides crafting, I'd really like to get better at taking pictures. I think looking at the pictures taken by people who have a camera in their hands at all times helps you to understand how to find a focus for your pictures. I think I'll have to take a class for this one, too. But it would definitely be fun. This summer we're going to Alaska on a cruise with Princess Cruise lines. I think Donnie and I will be fighting over the camera!

Getting my haircut as rarely as I do, once every four to five months, is always a battle in my head. Should I chop it off or let it grow? I think most women have experienced this lifelong torment... Here is the picture that I keep thinking I will use as inspiration for my next "axing" haircut. What do you think? Can I pull it off? The bigger question is can I maintain it by getting my haircut every 6-8 weeks??? (I do realize that I am not as skinny as this chick!)
What are you going to do someday?